Population of Upper North River

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Weather in East Hants Populations undergo cyclical fluctuations. A poor year may be due to unfavourable weather, a high rate of larval parasitism, lack of foodplant causing larvae to starve to death, or any combination of these.

Upper North River (Nova Scotia): Around the Neighborhood – Truro has a population of 12,100 people. The next largest community is New Glasgow. It is located about 28 miles [45 km] to the east of Upper North River and has a population of 9,600 people.

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North River is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in Colchester county. coordinates: 452532.03n 631513.01W.

The Upper Mississippi River System is the only waterbody in the nation that has been recognized by Congress as a "nationally significant ecosystem and a nationally significant commercial navigation system."

Census Profile, 2016 Census – North River, Town [Census subdivision. – Upper North River Census & Population Lists. Nova Scotia Census, Poll Tax & property records (1770-1827). census returns from 1770-1787 and 1827,.

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Local information and community profile for Upper North River (Province of Nova Scotia). Contains: area. Community, 2006. Population, Direction, Distance.

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