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Yellow Canary – It may not sound like it, but this is a Second world war herbert Wilcox-Anna Neagle adventure, with Neagle spying for good old Blighty by pretending to be a Nazi sympathiser in Canada. Interestingly, .

Maitland, New South Wales – Wikipedia – Originally Maitland was a culmination of three separate towns which arose roughly all around the same time. West Maitland, now just Maitland, was a privately founded town which grew because of its proximity to the river and which today is the commercial centre of the city.

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Maitland, Florida – Wikipedia – Maitland is a suburban city in Orange County, Florida, United States, part of the Greater Orlando area. The population was 15,751 at the 2010 census. The area's history is exhibited at the Maitland Historical Museum.

Frederic William Maitland Facts. Historian, lawyer, and legal scholar Frederic William Maitland (1850-1906) was the first major English historian to break with the classic Whiggish interpretation of English legal and constitutional history.

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