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The 94 m (308 ft) canso canal bridge is a swing bridge which carries the road and railway line across the canal. The word "Canso" is believed to be derived from the Mi'kmaq word kamsok, which means "opposite the lofty cliffs."

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Canso Causeway – Wikipedia – Get Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada stats, facts, data, and information from Gnarly Sunset. See the county, time zone, latitude, longitude, coordinates, elevation, .

Canso, Nova Scotia, Canada Stats, Facts, Data and Information . – Canso, Nova Scotia's History, Trivia and Facts where you can learn American history and play our trivia game.

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Some 10,092,000 tons of rock were used to close the Strait of Canso. Approximately 125,000 tons of rock came crashing to the ground with each blast. The causeway is 860 feet wide at the ocean floor (8 times the width of the crest). The Canso Canal measures 1,870 feet long by 80 feet wide.

5 – The lighthouse is a major coastal light that serves all marine traffic using the Canso Strait to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Source: P.E.I. Lighthouse Society The new designation has also helped sec.

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Coordinates: 45202N 605943W / 45.33389N 60.99528W / 45.33389; -60.99528 (Canso) Canso is a community in Guysborough County, on the .

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Cape Breton island: cape breton island, northeastern portion of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is separated from the remainder of the province and the Canadian mainland by the 2-mile- (3-km-) wide Strait of Canso (southwest) and is further bounded by the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Cabot Strait (north), the Atlantic Ocean (east